Friday Five: Sunny Smiles

DSCN1762 this one

  1. I took this photograph in our garden last week. These sunny blooms are approximately 8 feet tall and face our neighbors’ kitchen windows. Lucky them!
  2. Our weather cooled over the past 2 days (in fact, it is raining right now and has been for the past 14 hours). I’m grateful for the break from the heat, but as I posted on facebook, it feels as though the sky is crying for those we have lost this week. (The double funeral was today.)
  3. I am putting my youngest son — my baby — on an airplane by himself today. He turned 14 while at scout camp and this is his gift: to spend 2 weeks with cousins doing boy things. (Huge thanks to my SIL for inviting him and pestering me to make it happen!) I dislike flying and I worry about accidents; the recent airline incidents have not made me confident but I will send him off with cheerful smiles.
  4. Tomorrow morning we send the older teen off on a 9-day adventure with the youth group to a cool, cloudy, depressed seaport for mission opportunities.  Recent incident of a bus full of church teens crashing has not made me comfortably confident for his safety but again, I will send him off with cheerful smiles.
  5. This makes next week totally kid-free. It is a strange thing to contemplate and I’m not sure I like it. I know the cat will not like it!  And without boys around to distract and keep my dh occupied, I am sure to become even more behind in reading blogs. Sorry about that!

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Sunny Smiles

  1. Take this time to spend with your hubby. It is a blessing God has given the two of you. Real bonding time. As for the cat well I am sure he will survive. They are more independent.

  2. I have only begun to experience the adjustment to a house without a kid where at least one kid is the norm. It’s hard to enjoy it when it feels so strange. I’m sure both of those boys will come home safe, and just tell your DH that he’s not to bug you while you’re relaxing 🙂

  3. beautiful sun flowers….enjoy your time..go to a book store..have breakfast out. linger at a coffeeshop with a book or a journal……..I don’t have kids, so I know it must be tough when you are used to them..

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss in your friend’s and your life.

    I once was alone in the house without any of my kids for one 24-hour period. I had no idea what to do with myself. I hope you take better advantage than I did!

    Awesome sunflowers.

  5. My son has been gone from the house for effectively 7 years now….you get used to it. But you always love when they come back. And when they go out and do something wonderful? You’re so proud it’s worth losing them.

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