K is for…

Count your blessings, name them one by one…

I’m using Thursday posts to focus on thankfulness — and instead of counting blessings, I’m challenging myself to come up with them alphabetically.  (You can find the rest of the posts in this series here.)

Welcome to K week!

I present to you: a “killer view”  — the incredible panorama from atop our local mountain.

DSCN1867, Mt. Spokane Panorama

I took this panoramic photograph on Monday.  It only took an hour to drive here from my house. I might live close to paradise.

The kids are all gone this week. It feels odd to not have at least one of them at home.  I miss them.  I did have the blessing of chatting with my daughter-in-law on the phone on Sunday — she plans to be here tomorrow, along with MM (her dh, my firstborn). EB (son #2) called us on Tuesday evening. H-J (son #3) is off on a mission trip and while we haven’t heard from him since Saturday morning, I’m pretty sure that no news is very good news. Our youngest boy is spending 2 weeks with his cousins and from the pictures that my SIL has e-mailed, he is having a wonderful time.

DSCN1868Since I was finally caught up on the essentials at work (and because I’ve put in more than enough make-up hours in the past month), I am taking today off from work — but I’m not really kicking back — the plan is to bike the Hiawatha.

My name — and that of my bff — begins with K.  She came to visit back in April and has plans to return in October.

K is also for kindness.  I’m a big fan of kindness.


Please comment and share things for which you are thankful.
Bonus points if they begin with the letter K.



4 thoughts on “K is for…

  1. I’m grateful that we have this week and next to relax a bit and also to prepare for school.

    I’m also for my blogging friend named Karen. 🙂

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