TWT: Take me back to Texas

In blogging terms, I am incredible far behind this summer: there are currently 171 unread posts in my feed reader.  Those of you who are prolific posters, I haven’t forgotten about you; I’m merely overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of posts I haven’t read.  And work. The last time I had a regular job was in 1990 — long before Al Gore invented the internet, and also before I had children.

Thankfully, my bff e-mailed me this picture over the weekend:


K2 in Texas, 1998

We left Germany in January of 1998 and spent the next 4 weeks visiting relatives, some of whom we hadn’t seen in 3 years.  By the time we arrived in Texas, our minivan was almost done crossing the Atlantic Ocean, but the Army doesn’t just deliver your car to you at your new duty station — we had to meet it in Dallas/Ft. Worth and drive it back to El Paso ourselves. (Hey, at least we didn’t have to go to Houston!) SuperDad’s younger sister and her husband were living in North Texas at the time and my bff, KCINNOTX, was also in the same vicinity, so we were met at the airport by two women who had briefly met 10 years before at our wedding. We divided up the kids, ourselves, and our luggage and piled our family of 5 (complete with 3 carseats) into two small vehicles.

In a way, it is appropriate to share this picture now, as my youngest son (not yet a gleam in anyone’s eye back in February or March of 1998) is spending 2 weeks with the aunt who met us at that airport in Dallas, and I’ve been busy convincing KCINNOTX (my kids’ honorary aunt) to move to Spokalulu ASAP. Our husbands, who have never met one another, are secret twins; we’re pretty sure they’d get along famously if only those two introverts would take the time to meet and talk.

Also, I loved that denim jumper. I can guarantee you I was wearing thick socks with my Birkenstock sandals, too.


Time Warp Tuesday is brought to you by Jenn at Juggling Life. Visit here to see the other participants and their photos.


6 thoughts on “TWT: Take me back to Texas

  1. I think I had a similar denim dress. LOL
    Looking back into the past…I’m sure we all wonder how we did the things we did. And years from now, we’ll think the same. Actually, I already wonder how I manage, because there is SO MUCH to manage!
    Don’t worry about your lack of time to cruise through the blogs. I’m never able to read all of the blogs I like, so I just do some random reading when I can.

  2. Funny how we can connect so easily with some people no matter how much time goes by – hope the husbands have a good connection when that happens.

    And the denim jumpers – who didn’t love them?! I usually wore mine with socks and keds back in those days

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