MTM: Farmer’s Market

On Friday, we spent 3 hours on the road, delivering EB to his college apartment before the start of his 3rd year at the university.  We stopped briefly to say hello to Rapunzel (and eat her cookies); MusicMan was at work so we missed him. We didn’t stay long enough for the Lentil Festival this year, but we did make a slight detour on the way home and stopped at our local farmer’s market.

Farmer's Market

From this vendor we purchased enough rhubarb to make a pie. Mmmmm.... rhubarb pie!

From this vendor we purchased enough rhubarb to make a pie. Mmmmm…. rhubarb pie!

This particular farmer’s market is in the parking lot of our church and is run by the surrounding neighborhood association.  (Don’t think of “Neighborhood Association” in regards to rules and regulations — this is no gated community! — but as a group of proactive people doing something great for an older and slightly shabby part of town.)

The market is small, about 15 vendors right now in its first 4 weeks of existence, but we hope it will soon double in size and business.


This vendor had soaps that smelled wonderful, including Huckleberry scented soaps! She has a shop on Etsy.  I purchased a few of her wares and barely resisted the pumpkin cheesecake scented soaps which smelled good enough to eat!  (Eating the soap might be a bad idea.)   


This booth had a variety of things to purchase, including dried herbs, good-for-you cookies, fresh produce and some fantastic homemade soaps. I might be a sucker for good-smelling soap. The woman pictured here had kindly given me a free sample two weeks ago of a soap made with cinnamon and clove. I was unsure of it at the time (it made me think of autumn and I’m still wanting to think summer) but after using it at my bathroom sink for the past 2 weeks, I was ready to purchase an entire bar of it!  I stopped to smell the English Garden (or was it English Countryside? No matter) and ended up purchasing it to use in the shower — because, lavender. I am definitely a sucker for lavender.


It’s not all about soap, of course. There are 2 food trucks there (this one sells amazing ice cream and is friendly to dog owners it appears) and other vendors who offer produce, seafood, and even goat meat!  A few weeks ago I purchased some incredible honey infused with dark chocolate — Yes, they gave samples, it was INCREDIBLE. Honestly, it was the healthy person’s Nutella and I want some! — but I promptly gave it as a birthday gift.  I also purchased some lavender honey (did I mention I love lavender?) which may or may not become a gift for a certain someone coming to visit me in October.

She reads this blog so I’ll wait to see if she comments on that or not!

But there is one booth I very much look forward to visiting next time:

DSCN2092This cheerful young woman has a massage chair and offers massages for $1 per minute. If my husband and son hadn’t been impatiently waiting for me to hurry up and finish already I would have been tempted to spend my last $2 right here.

She promises she will be there next week! 🙂


7 thoughts on “MTM: Farmer’s Market

  1. A spoonful of lavender honey is wonderful in a strong cuppa Irish tea. The Irish have a wonderful distinction between the less formal “a cup in your hand” versus “tea time” when one sits down for a relaxing break with a pot of tea and something sweet in the afternoon.

  2. Your post reminds me that I need to catch-up. I am thankful for the Knights in shinning armor who came to my rescue in moments of panic or stress. I must admit to being thankful for my Lavender bush for the pleasure it brings to others when I harvest and bundle the stems and give them away at church. Hugs!

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