Full Moon

DSCN2112  Full Moon or Canteloupe

Is it a full moon —
or maybe a cantaloupe…
I really can’t tell.


8 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. I got a brief glimpse of it early in the morning on my way to work when it looked like a giant wheel of yellow cheese in the sky. It was impressive.

  2. I’m thankful for the MUSIC others make (having no musical talent to claim as my own). I’m thankful for the MESSAGES I can read on my MONITOR from friends all over the world. I’m thankful that my hubby cooks breakfast and dinner MEALS most every day (however, every once in a while I’m not too crazy about the MESSES he leaves behind). I’m thankful for the all the MEMORIES that come to mind whenever I look through anyone of my 100 plus photo albums. I’m thankful that I have enough MONEY right now to be able to pay my bills especially my medical and dental bills. And right now I am thankful for the MEDICAL insurance that makes my medical bills look very reasonable.

    I’m enjoying your “blue moon” photo! Hugs!

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