TWT: The family picture that wasn’t taken


This isn’t an old photo (taken Dec. 24, 2012) but since it is nearly 10:45pm on Monday and I don’t have anything else ready for Time Warp Tuesday, this picture will have to do the job.

We spent time together, all 7 of us, on Saturday afternoon. My MIL and FIL were also there to celebrate SuperDad’s 50th birthday and Encyclopedia Blue’s 21st birthday.

The things that have changed in the past 9 months:

  • SnakeMaster has, I believe, passed up his SIL in height.
  • MusicMan now has an impressive mop of curls. SD & I make comments that we probably shouldn’t make — because hey, it’s just hair and it’s not our responsibility. Did I mention it is an impressive mop of curls? It might be because I am his mother, but that hair is the first thing I see when we I look at him. It’s…. impressive.  But Rapunzel loves it. She’s his wife and the one who cuts his hair, and she’s the one he needs to please, not his mother!  

I can’t prove either of those things because I failed to take a photo of our get-together. My dear MIL wanted to take a picture in the parking lot… in front of our filthy minivan… with the back hatch open… on a 93 degree afternoon… in bright sunshine… and no one cooperated. In hindsight, we should have all sweetly agreed. I wanted to move us to a cooler spot with a better backdrop but then I didn’t make it happen.  I know better. When the mama (or in this case, the grandma) wants to take a family photo, let her do it!

Lesson over.

I had a meeting this evening and a full day of work tomorrow. I’m headed to bed!


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