My Town Monday: Baby Z blues

One of the joys of living where we now live is that my husband’s older sister and her family are based just one mile from our house. One of the disappointments of modern life is that we rarely see each other because we are each busy with our own individual pursuits.
Still, people who have been raised together share a bond… in this case, a bond of humor and practical jokes.

We have a side garden that borders our driveway and the fire lane/alley where many folks walk their dogs. We knew better than to grow anything highly desired in this strip of garden (the green beans, peas, and tomatoes are grown in a raised bed in the back yard) but we felt pretty confident in growing various squash plants in the side garden. The unexpected bonus has been that when we have more produce than we can use, we simply put out a sign telling people to help themselves (Free Yellow Summer Squash — please take some!) and the next time we check, the overproduction problem is solved.

Thursday morning, SuperDad brought in yet another huge zucchini from the garden. Despite his attempts at getting someone to take it home and love it, no one had “obeyed” his sign (“Take this zucchini, PLEASE!”) and we were faced with more zucchini to grate and freeze.  It was time for drastic action. 

While I went to shower and dress for work, he arranged the zucchini for a special delivery:

This baby is going on someone's porch!

This baby is going on someone’s porch!

SuperDad snuck over to his sister’s house and left the basket on her front porch. Then he left town for a few days and neither of us heard a peep about it… not in a text or e-mail, not in a phone call, not a curious post on facebook. We began to worry that the poor zucchini had been tossed into the compost bin. However, early this afternoon we received a text with no words — just a photograph.

Zucchini Bread in the baby basket

Zucchini Bread in the baby basket

Further investigation revealed that her husband pleaded for the life… er, lifeblood… of the zucchini so that he could have some fresh zucchini bread.  Saved from the compost bin!

I tried to give her another (even larger) zucchini this afternoon but she declined, claiming that she now had 5 bags of shredded zucchini in her freezer.


I’ll be absent for a few days. You can blame the zucchini.


12 thoughts on “My Town Monday: Baby Z blues

  1. I will be on the lookout for stowaway zucchinis in my car when I see you next week!! I’ll have to send you my mom’s recipe for z-bread that has pineapple in it.

    • Mmmm… sounds fabulous!
      Our last zucchini is the size of a newborn baby. If I had a decent scale that went beyond 2 pounds, I would weigh it. But I can promise you that one end is the size of a baby’s head, and the length is appropriate.

  2. If I had a garden where I could get bumper-crops of anything, I know exactly on whose doorstep I’d leave it. She’s been “my partner in crime” at work over the last 15 years – we almost finish each other’s sentences at times.

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