Help! Thanks, Wow.

Our church doesn’t have a full-time pastor; we practice something called Shared Ministry. The short explanation of this is that people assist in the running of the church — a team of folks volunteer time to plan the worship services (not as simple or easy as one would think) and there is a great deal of lay-person involvement in all aspects of the running of the church (both Sunday morning and everyday stuff). I have no trouble getting  up in front of people to read a scripture; however, I’ve never wanted to stand at the pulpit and share what God is teaching me.  Personally, it’s akin to the difference between singing in the choir and singing a solo.

In August, my book group read  Help Thanks Wow by Anne Lamott. It is a powerful little book on prayer. Someone (It wasn’t me!) spoke up to the worship planning team and said our group would “do” the September 29th service. So this morning, after several weeks of planning the entire service, four of us will be sharing: I’m sharing about Help (what Lamott calls the first great prayer), another woman will share about giving thanks in all circumstances, and two friends are teaming up to share Wow in words and images.

If you are a person who believes in prayer, please pray that the things we say and do would draw attention away from ourselves & that helpful book and point toward the One to whom we pray.

DSCN2147 for Sunday Musing

I read something moving this week and am still mulling it over. Go here to read what Common Household Mom shared.

4 thoughts on “Help! Thanks, Wow.

  1. I am sure you did a wonderful job. Our church also has a part time minister, and some of our best services are when church members share thoughts and experiences.

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