TWT: Better late than never…

The original plan was that KCINNOTX was going to fly into town tomorrow, husband in tow, to show him how beautiful it is here.  I’ve been campaigning to get them to move to the area ever since I moved here two years ago.

But on Friday, her dear husband had a rather awful bicycle accident and the doctor declined to clear him for air travel (wise move, I’m sure), so now I will not have a reason to purchase any Tillamook Marionberry Pie ice cream or clean my house  go to choir practice tomorrow night.

K2 at the horse sculptures

K2 at the horse sculptures overlooking the Columbia River

This picture was taken in April when she flew out here for a visit and a mutual friend’s wedding. When my hard drive went into permafrost mode, my sweet BFF sent me a CD of all the photographs from her entire trip — and many of them were even better than the ones I lost. I’d much rather have her friendship than my pictures. ♥


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7 thoughts on “TWT: Better late than never…

  1. DH has given me permission to call him “humpty dumpty”. (insert eye roll here) He was not happy about having to cancel all the plans we had made for this trip, but – as the saying goes – shi# happens. We have a year to use the tickets from the canceled flights. Frontier Airlines was really good about waiving any change fees by sending them a letter from the doctor.

  2. What a bummer! Hopefully you can reschedule soon. And how nice that she had pictures to help you replace your lost ones with.

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