Five Things I love about Autumn

  1. Cooler weather (time for hoodies and fleece and yoga pants)
  2. Football and marching band
  3. Pumpkins and Apples
  4. Smell of woodsmoke
  5. Leaves in the wind

DSCN2245  Shadows & Light

There is such a richness of color, scent, and flavor in Autumn. After the heat of summer, things once again feel fresh and sweet and new. I sit outside and listen to the windchimes in the breeze, feeling renewed and energized by all of the richness that surrounds me.


12 thoughts on “Five Things I love about Autumn

  1. Yes! I love autumn. The windy and stormy weather –it’s as if in order to change seasons, mother nature has to shake and rinse off the dust of hot summer days.

  2. YES! I agree with your 5..and thank you for the video. I’m in the wrong part of the country. It’s in the 80’s and we are way behind in leaf color changes. I watch the weather forecast several times a day hoping for cooler weather.

  3. Adding that video was nice. I too love the sound of wind chimes. Don’t find that the trees have a different sound in the wind in fall? I know I can hear a difference. I panic in fall. I want to get everything ready outdoors for winter but I hate being out in the rain. So manage to get outside when it does turn sunny and nice out. Yesterday was one of those days, Even got two load of clothes out on the line.

  4. Not my favorite season, though there is plenty of stuff to like about it. I just resent anything bringing winter along!

    • The only reason I go to high school football games is to be there for my marching band kids. (“What is the football team doing on our marching field?”) That said, I still love the atmosphere: the cheering of the fans (friends & parents), the hard work and discipline demanded by coaches and given by the players, and the bringing together of community.

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