Beading like a mad fool

Last Friday I drove north toward the border and met up with some crazy Canadians for a crafting weekend (including this blogger). The other gals scrapbooked but I worked with beads until my fingers cramped… and then I switched over to card-making… and then I switched back to beading.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Weekend creations

Nearly everything in this collage of 5 photos was sold as fast as I could make it — and there were others, too.  Not everything has been photographed but I did try to take pictures of the things I sold. I have some awesome Canadian friends. ♥

Jen will be pleased to know that I experienced glamping over the weekend. I have seen the light. Glamping is awesome: you can sit around in your pajamas, giggle yourselves silly, and crawl into bed (if you can figure out how to climb into the bunk without falling down) — all without stepping a foot outside in the cold night. No long walks to the bathroom!

In the meantime, life goes on:  more work than I can get done in 2 days each week, a church women’s retreat this weekend, a work meeting to prepare for on Monday night, the constant laundry and housework here at home (It was hard enough to get it all done when I was a professional housewife!) …and this is where I should probably point out that the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are nipping at our heels…   You’re welcome.

So while I’ve been busily getting a supply of product built up for a craft fair in early December, and working, and heading out on 3 retreats in 4 weeks (I know. It’s awesome) there are a few things that get pushed to the back burner… including reading blogs. Honestly, I was completely caught up a few weeks ago. It felt so good! But  book group, downtime spent with my husband, and kids’ activities take precedence over blogging.

And that is why there was no Thankful Thursday post this week. It will return next week, I promise!

What has been capturing your attention lately?

10 thoughts on “Beading like a mad fool

  1. This weekend is the annual Loudoun county Fall Farm Tour and my sister is here helping us out. We have been madly crafting lavender products for this and Peter asked her how she likes spending 5 days in “crafter hell.”

  2. Three retreats in 4 weeks? I’m jealous. How do you do that?

    I love the earrings. I wish I could make stuff like this. But I know if I started, I would get dazzled by all the pretty beads, and never get around to making anything out of them.

  3. I’m the same way…I would be afraid beading would be like knitting and other crafty things that I think I should do then buy lots of supplies and never get around to actually making anything. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those green square earrings. I’m sending you a message to see if I can buy some from afar.

  4. Glamping is fun and such a different kind of adventure. Especially when you have 5 ladies sharing the trailer together. Who needs sleep anyway!
    You did get a lot done in that weekend. Glad you enjoyed it as much as we all did. Have another wonderful weekend away 🙂

  5. Glamping? That’s a new one for me. It sounds like fun!

    I think it’s really nice that you have a passion for creating jewelry. It’s a blessing to have a fun skill.

  6. I have four things going right now that would seem like a full-time thing to a regular person. Even I am questioning my sanity in juggling this much. I love how we all stick with this just because it’s where so many of our friends are!

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