A Circle of Friends, and the Good Shepherd


This photograph is one that I took while on a retreat with women from my church. For me, it represents the solidarity, love, and focus of people who come together and support one another.

What do we really want in life? Experts have said that our great desire is to be known — not as we might present ourselves, all dressed up and looking good for the world — but known for who we really are in the depths of our hearts, minds, and souls.

The following is from a little paperback book, a devotion on the Psalms (possibly especially about Psalm 23). I am sorry that I do not have the pertinent information about who wrote it, when, and all of the details needed to look it up.  I’m trying to chase that down, but right now I am in Arizona visiting my dad and this is on my mind again today:

It’s a terrible thing to be unknown.  We live in fear that we will never be known enough-that others will never know who we really are, what our dreams are and where our thoughts are taking us.  Yet we have nothing to fear.  God knows every one of His sheep by name.

He’s aware of each personality and peculiarity:There are the little ones that have to be carried, the cripples that can’t keep up, the nursing ewes that won’t be hurried, the old sheep that can barely get along.  There are the bellwethers that always want to be out front, the bullies that butt and push to get their way, the timid ones (the sheepish) that are afraid to follow, the black sheep that are always the exception.  There are those who graze their way into lostness and others more deliberately on the lam.  The Good Shepherd knows us all.


The Sovereign Lord comes with power

                        And his arm rules for him…..

            He tends his flock like a shepherd:

                        He gathers his lambs in his arms

            And carries them close to his heart;

                        He gently leads those that have young.

                                                             -Isaiah 40:10 -11




3 thoughts on “A Circle of Friends, and the Good Shepherd

  1. Love this photo. I have not been on retreat since we left New England and your words have inspired me to make time for this in my life again. Thank you.

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