Beware of the Bear

My son shared this link on facebook… I followed the link, read the comments, and just about laughed myself off the sofa.


The reviews… oh, my…. the reviews!

I believe them. I’ve consumed sugar-free treats.  Lesson learned!

Color Me Happy

The view out of the window on Christmas morning...

The view out of the window on Christmas morning…

Could it be…???  Did he really…???

"Yo Deerie! Looking good! ... buck off."  My dh is the occasional cartoonist.

“Yo Deerie! Looking good! “… “buck off.” My dh is the occasional cartoonist.

And then I opened this gift box to discover 3 clean bottles to add to my collection.
Apparently he was inspired by my picking up of an empty blue beer bottle on a Thanksgiving Walk, because he found three more of those blue beer bottles on his own scrounging through the neighborhood. (He promises me that he didn’t dig through anyone’s recycling bin… not that I am against such a concept!)

DSCN2574, resized for web sharing

Why yes, I have been buying Auslese and Spätlese for the blue bottles saving blue bottles whenever I find them.

Blue Bottle Tree

Blue Bottle Tree

After several years of listening to me wax poetic beg endlessly talk about my desire for a bottle tree, SuperDad arranged with a friend to weld some steel and re-bar into my wonderful Christmas gift!

O Bottle Tree! O Bottle Tree! How lovely are your branches!

O Bottle Tree! O Bottle Tree! How lovely are your branches!


This is all I’ve got tonight.


Today was breakdown day: the Christmas tree was denuded of baubles and brights, then taken apart and boxed up until next year ten or eleven months from now.

Tomorrow is a big football watching day. Whether or not the Seahawks win is the deciding factor in whether or not they go to the Super Bowl this year, and SuperDad decided to invite a few friends over. I think he did this to ensure that the Christmas tree would be taken down and the living room cleaned up.

I might even dust.

Or not.

Sleep has been eluding me, despite going to bed without screen time most nights and being tired. So around 12:30 a.m., I get up and heat a cup of herbal tea in the microwave oven. I write a down the list of things that is occupying my brain, or I read a short article in Reader’s Digest, or — one night — I even picked up a small stack of unopened Christmas cards and read them.  (Something in my psyche will not allow me to open the incoming Christmas cards until I’ve mailed my own out.  I know… I’m weird.)   Sleep is probably eluding me because I am practically inhaling caffeine at work. Instead of being hungry for lunch, I am using coffee = food = energy to keep going.  At least it is good coffee — Fair Trade — paying small farmers a living wage. Also, it is strong. But making a second pot halfway through the day might not be such a good idea.

In another week, I should have some breathing room. The annual report will be ready to hand out to people, regardless of whether or not everyone actually turned in the information that is supposed to be in said report.  The end-of-year giving statements will also be mailed out after triple-checking that the names at the top of the page match the address label on the envelope. (I refuse to have nightmares over such things.)

Perhaps in another week, my hero will have caught and disposed of the mouse that keeps leaving little turds evidence on the back corner of my desk.  Two such small rodents have already gone before him/her.  How many can there be? (Don’t tell me, please!)

I have beading supplies set up on my craft table, but I haven’t touched them for weeks. (How does one dust beads?) Apparently I have some tendinitis in my arm just below the elbow which not only hurts but makes it difficult for me to pinch things. Grabbing books from certain angles, holding and using tweezers, unloading the dishwasher — all these things can bring on sudden pain and the desire to drop whatever I am holding and open my hand. So I’ve been avoiding dishwasher duty. (You’re welcome, Dear.)  I suspect the tendinitis was brought on by poor positioning and repetition at the computer keyboards but it has been aggravated by my continued use of my aging body.  At any rate, I’ve been leaving favorite hobbies untouched and spending my free hours in zombie mode on facebook where I don’t have to really think or be coherent.

I haven’t even glanced at my scrapbooking supplies. There are pictures in the camera waiting to be uploaded to my laptop, thirteen (13) unfinished posts in my draft file — many of which may never see the light of day, and 231 unread post in my feed reader.

But for now, I will attempt to find that elusive thing called sleep.

On the 8th Day of Christmas…

Happy New Year!

The house is still decorated, the tree is still up, the envelopes for my Christmas Greetings are only halfway addressed (I’m now ready for the ‘M‘s) and we are finally watching traditional Christmas movies at our house (The Muppets’ Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town).  After all, it is still Christmas: yesterday I was looking for my “seven swans a-swimming” but to no avail — we are birdless here. Still, I’m thankful to have the time to relax and watch movies with the kids while blogging this evening.

There is plenty going on in my life, but some of it is unbloggable for various reasons. And you probably don’t want to hear about my sore arm which has been bothering me for several months. January is promising to be a busy month at work: I’m the one who collects annual reports from each committee and group, and then I have the fun of putting together the combined annual report for the corporation; at the same time, I’m also responsible for the end-of-year giving reports that, by law, must be sent before the end of the month. Of course, those things are on top of the usual weekly and monthly activities and paperwork.
All of the above to explain why I won’t be around much this month…

If you want something wonderful and even exciting, check out the giveaway happening over at Lori’s blog, Pretty Things. She’s an amazing woman who is dealing with some major health issues and yet she manages to be positive much of the time. Her current Pay-it-Forward Giveaway is an example of her positive outlook on life.

I’ll be here addressing envelopes in the hopes of getting my Christmas Letter out before the 12th Day of Christmas (January 6th).

Happy New Year!