On the 8th Day of Christmas…

Happy New Year!

The house is still decorated, the tree is still up, the envelopes for my Christmas Greetings are only halfway addressed (I’m now ready for the ‘M‘s) and we are finally watching traditional Christmas movies at our house (The Muppets’ Christmas Carol, It’s A Wonderful Life, Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town).  After all, it is still Christmas: yesterday I was looking for my “seven swans a-swimming” but to no avail — we are birdless here. Still, I’m thankful to have the time to relax and watch movies with the kids while blogging this evening.

There is plenty going on in my life, but some of it is unbloggable for various reasons. And you probably don’t want to hear about my sore arm which has been bothering me for several months. January is promising to be a busy month at work: I’m the one who collects annual reports from each committee and group, and then I have the fun of putting together the combined annual report for the corporation; at the same time, I’m also responsible for the end-of-year giving reports that, by law, must be sent before the end of the month. Of course, those things are on top of the usual weekly and monthly activities and paperwork.
All of the above to explain why I won’t be around much this month…

If you want something wonderful and even exciting, check out the giveaway happening over at Lori’s blog, Pretty Things. She’s an amazing woman who is dealing with some major health issues and yet she manages to be positive much of the time. Her current Pay-it-Forward Giveaway is an example of her positive outlook on life.

I’ll be here addressing envelopes in the hopes of getting my Christmas Letter out before the 12th Day of Christmas (January 6th).

Happy New Year!


10 thoughts on “On the 8th Day of Christmas…

  1. As January 6th is also Epiphany, I buy one set of Christmas cards containing the Magi, so that I can spread out my card-sending over all 12 days of Christmas. We enjoy the tradition of granting the child who finds the charm in his/her piece of King’s Cake (Gâteau des Rois) on Jan. 6th the title of King/Queen for the following day. (Because we have 11 children, this royal treatment is a coveted treat!)

    I have been enjoying your comments at Mrs. G’s and methinks we might live near one another. Alas, may I recommend gentle, restorative yoga for your sore shoulder?

    • Bonnie, I’ve been trying the gentle yoga, but so far the only thing that helps is the NSAIDS, ice, and heat.
      You live quite close to where I lived about 10 years ago. We are now about 6 hours away, on the other side of the state.

  2. Happy New Year. I was so busy and stressed out that we bought Christmas cards and I promptly put them in the closet for next year. The truth is I felt totally fine (awesome, even) with that decision. Hope your new year is off to a grand start!

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