A couple of things (or, why I’ve been AWOL recently)

DSCN2706, cropped owie fingerApparently, I like to keep my activities in the form of binges. For example:

Work. After using my brain on a computer much of the day, I tend to use the computer for entertainment at home — hence the facebook time-suck vortex.  If you know me there, you know about my little incident with hand-washing a sharp knife on Monday. Typing was a challenging activity for a few days (my bandage is smaller now).

Books. We’ve been reunited, and it feels so good! Good ol’ paper & ink from the library.  I’ve swallowed 2 of them nearly whole in the past week. (Books — big, fat books, not libraries!)
I have another book to read before next Thursday: Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward.

Tendinitis, a.k.a., all of the things I’m not doing.  I think I’ve reached the 4 month point of pain in my arm. It’s getting very, very old. It’s also gotten worse, so I had to call the doctor back (I went in 2 weeks ago, but the stronger anti-inflamatories aren’t helping) and get something else done to fix this problem. In my spare time, because [you know] work. Soon I’ll be adding physical therapy appointments to my schedule.

Escape. I’m making a break, driving over the pass, and making a whirlwind weekend of it on the “wet side” of the state. My time will involve visiting my SIL, my “sister from another mister” and the incredible Mrs. G.  I’ve also got a little shopping expedition planned before attending a writing workshop. I may be living with pain but that doesn’t mean I should stay home and cry!

And then there’s this:


The father of some old friends has been struck with the big C.  Their dad has been given 3-6 months, maybe a little more if he responds to treatment.  

It’s been 3 years since my mother died after being given the same prognosis (well, she refused to hear her own prognosis, but my siblings and I understood the news).

It’s been just over a year since we said goodbye to a wonderful man here in Spokalulu.

Cancer sucks. 

About Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I'm a 50yo former SAHM of 4 boys, happily married for 28 years. For 21 of those years, he was a soldier in the US Army. I've lived in 4 states and traveled all over the US and part of Europe. Now that my husband is retired, we are in a new chapter of life: he is the one preparing supper and I am working part-time as a church administrator. I enjoy photography, writing, crafting, hiking, camping and --most of all-- family time with my incredible menfolk. "Girl time" with friends keeps me sane. Jesus keeps me grounded.
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5 Responses to A couple of things (or, why I’ve been AWOL recently)

  1. allmycke says:

    Don’t worry! Tour posts are always a good read – even when they are few and far inbetween.

  2. pj geek says:

    Happy trails…glad you are back

  3. Lucky you and Mrs. G.

    Do you have a masseuse involved in the arm pain situation? I highly recommend you do. Mine turned out to be a pinched shoulder girdle. I am pain free with no drugs.

  4. That escape trip sounds like good stuff, in the midst of the difficult stuff.

  5. melissawest says:

    I’m sorry about your friend. Good that you have some fun planned to distract from your arm, hand and that bad news.

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