Time Warp Tuesday: Scholar

There's a reason we call him Humorous-Juniorous.

Photo taken in March of 2008.  There’s a reason we call him Humorous-Juniorous.

senior picture

H-J’s senior picture

Say hello to a National Merit Scholarship finalist.

H-J, however, doesn’t see himself as different from the rest of the kids at school who go to class, do their homework, and try their best.  He’s pretty sure that he isn’t any “better” than many of his classmates.

All of these awards make him a little bit uncomfortable.

But sometimes a mama needs to brag about her kind, smart, funny kid — and this is one of those times. 

He loves to learn and has applied to nine different universities, stretching from coast to coast.  He hasn’t visited a single one of those colleges.  His final decision will be based upon financial aid packages and variety of programs offered by the school.

Now we wait for Spring and the letters of acceptance.