9 thoughts on “Overwhelming abundance

    • I used to live about 5 miles from that store and would visit a couple times a year. I never got out of there for under $100. This particular visit to the store only ran about $62 US because I was overwhelmed trying to read everything with my reading glasses while also looking down the aisles (I got a headache). But after I got home, I waited a week and put in an order that pushed me over $200. It is very, very easy to spend that much in such an amazing place. Yes, there are some cheap beads, but there are also high quality beads and incredible gemstones.I will never, ever make that money back in sales; however, my shelves in the craft room are really pretty and colorful!

      • Oh, I hear you… I enjoy looking at the fabric I’m planning to use for weaving. I’ve spent hours preparing it, but I have no idea if I will ever use all of it. As for making Money on it – Naah!

    • Yes, yes it WAS sensory overload. I actually had trouble shopping because it was so much in one space. The thing is, I’ve been there before and not had that much trouble! But now that I need reading glasses, I’d be scanning the aisle for what I needed and trying to read each tiny thing at the same time. I had a headache within an hour. I needed to go and look and feel things, but I really needed more time and a print-out from the website at the same time.

  1. Yes, it is all beads. Row after row…There is a back room with books and magazines and lots more beads. You can buy mixed beads in the bulk section. The sidewalk entrance is imbedded with beads and trinkets.
    I always stop in Lacey, Washington on my trip to visit son in Portland, Oregon.

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