Can it please be Spring now?

DSCN0384  resized

DSCN0385, snowshovel croppedI love winter — until I hate it.

The month of March ushered in my intolerance for frozen white stuff that sticks around and becomes ugly on our streets… so ugly that I didn’t bother to take photographs. (That presented a problem here on the blog, but I will give you credit for your imaginative powers.)

Luckily (?!?) it has been alternately raining and sunny here since Monday afternoon so most of the snow is now gone.  Hello, localized flooding with avalanches in the mountains — perhaps spring is coming after all!

This is how we do homework at my house.

This is how we “do” homework at my house.  The 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle on the coffee table soon distracted H-J from his Chemistry assignment.

Spring skiing is where 2 family members are headed this weekend.  That may or may not be why SnakeMaster was wearing his ski helmet while reading a book on Tuesday night. Right after I snapped this photo, I asked if he had any homework. More specifically, I asked if he had completed a book report for February. “Uh… no.”  I’m glad I took the photo before I asked!

I think my kids are pretty typical: we have to ask them about homework on a regular basis. Even the resident scholar has many moments when he’d rather goof off than do his work.

At 14, SM easily “forgets” to practice his baritone or the piano, and homework — when he hasn’t been able to complete it during school hours — is also easy to forget. It’s not that he is avoiding the work as much as he has other things on his mind.

SnakeMaster still loves snow… on Sunday night, he set up a shelter and slept in the backyard while additional snow fell in the darkness.

Crazy winter camping child

Crazy winter camping child

DSCN2762 SnakeMaster winter campout



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9 thoughts on “Can it please be Spring now?

  1. Emma likes to be reminded, but honestly she desperately hates to disappoint her teachers, so she can be rather frantic about getting homework done. I’m just so glad she feels that way about her teachers! It’s so much easier on us 🙂

  2. Your kids are a hoot.

    “I love winter — until I hate it.” That sums it up so concisely.

    Jigsaw puzzles were made for long winters. I have a 1000 piece one on the go, also.

  3. Very cool about his winter camp.
    Winter and I were so done months ago. But that’s how we roll in Wisconsin.

  4. We neeeeeed it to be spring here, too.

    That is some serious snow camping – not even in a real tent.

    Around here the homework that doesn’t require internet gets done on the couch, but not while wearing a helmet. Must be some pretty strenuous homework that kid is doing!

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