Unexpected Art

I work in a building that is nearly 100 years old. I’m usually bent over and jiggling my key in the office door, but occasionally I look up and appreciate this sight:

DSCN0412 Knox hall wall art, cat

Sometimes the best thing to do with an ugly hole and jutting wires is to bend the wires into whiskers.

Ready-made cat: just bend whiskers

Ready-made cat: just bend whiskers

Patience Crabstick’s recent post inspired this one.

Thank you, Hilary, for this award!


10 thoughts on “Unexpected Art

  1. That is so awesome! I work in an old building, too. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before that discolored spot in the ceiling above my cubicle calls me to doodle on it. For now, I’ll just reassure the coworkers that no, I did not throw my coffeecup in the air to create that spot.

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