My Town Monday: Little Free Libraries

DSCN0442 edited for web



DSCN0438 edited for web

This one was a Mother’s Day gift last year from the homeowner’s husband and children. I am in love with it for many reasons — including the glass door knob and the decorations on top, which from a distance look like real books.

DSCN0440  edited for web

SnakeMaster takes piano lessons on this street, so I have the pleasure of seeing this particular LFL on a regular basis.


DSCN0444  edited for web, Hemlock


There is also a Little Free Library mere blocks from my own home. I’ve been blessed to pick up books while out on a stroll around the neighborhood. Right now there is quite a good selection from which to choose.

Do you see anything you'd like to read?

Do you see anything you’d like to read?




10 thoughts on “My Town Monday: Little Free Libraries

  1. Precious!
    Our town needs one and since I can’t convince T to do one for his Eagle Scout badge, I might do one MYSELF.

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