8 thoughts on “Snurffling Lilacs

  1. I have no lilacs nearby in this house. I wanted to plant one, but there are so many big trees, and so many underground pipes, that I can’t think where. Sniffff.

  2. We have a wooded area filled with old (really old!) lilacs, and it’s one of my favorite things about our property. I do have to enjoy them outside, though, because if I bring in a bouquet, Rob starts sneezing up a storm 🙂

  3. I was so blessed last week to get a bouquet of lilacs from Joanne. We were able to snurffle them for the rest of this week. So loved it. And my bush is in full bloom now. What a wonderful scent to have when I walk out the door. It will soon be over but I have my Rhodos to look forward to looking at once they are done. My next flowers to bloom and have just started to open up. What do you have to look forward to next in the flower department?

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