Details (but not really)

High school is over for these two:



This pic was taken by my MIL who had a better angle with her camera than my own.

Much going on in our world here — all good, I suppose — but my brain is too stopped up with details to even begin to write them all down.

I’m behind on reading blogs yet again. I whittled down the numbers to 141 unread posts tonight.  I have some sort of unwritten penance rule that I cannot possibly publish a new blog post when I have so many unread posts from others in my feed… which is why I have hundreds of photos (okay, not quite) in queue to share with you.



7 thoughts on “Details (but not really)

  1. Thanks for the book cover on your blog!
    Ah, I know the feeling about getting behind in reading and feeling guilty about posting. I’m the same way.

  2. Just post your things anyway! I don’t think you need to read all the backlog. Just mark them read and start fresh. It’s a good feeling. I do that sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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