Bloomin’ Busy!

Iris are my favorite flower.  I love their heady scent as long as it is outside. When my husband has kindly cut some and brought them in, I have to keep them at a distance because their scent is so cloyingly sweet.  I’ve always been partial to the blues and purples, but the root beer (bottom left) is growing on me.

2014 May iris

When we bought our house 3 years ago, the only flowers in the yard (front and back combined) were the red petunias lining the front garden beds.  My friend ~A~ came to the rescue with iris bulbs from her own garden and many more flowers as well, thanks to her newly-built (and quite lovely) fire pit that took up former flower bed space.

living room view in late May

living room view in late May


The pink tulips bulbs came from the garden of a dear old friend of Rapunzel (our DIL)  plus a few from my mother’s stash in her garage (we were lucky that any came up at all). The columbine also came from my friend’s garden.

Total aside: Did you know that a columbine petal looks like a heart? 

Columbine petal heartIt’s been such a crazy couple of weeks in my schedule that there is only one yellow iris bloom left today, and here I am finally posting the photos.

I worked this afternoon, including a meeting tonight, and I have two more days in a row at the office before heading “to the coast” to celebrate the accomplishments of a nephew who is both graduating from high school and having his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.
Then it’s back home to usher for a theatre production on Friday evening.  (That is how frugal folks attend professional theatre. Yo!)

Yesterday I posted a graduation pic of H-J and his girlfriend. An honest catch-up would also include a family photo from graduation weekend…

DSCN0804  Best Grad Family Pic, resized for web

and point out that I’ve been working on my little side business/hobby as well by making a commitment to be at some of the local farmer’s market days this summer, selling earrings and photo note cards.  I made enough sales at my first day last Friday to do it a few more times.

Farmer's Market


So that’s life in a nutshell here: family, work, family, hobbies, and some fun with friends in-between all of that activity.

The “unsaid” from above includes time spent/wasted on the timesuck known as facebook. I’m probably ready for a respite from that place thanks to a few people (and one in particular) who think my page is a place to argue — and I do mean argue, in a condescending manner — opposing views about guns/school shootings. I happen to believe that you can respectfully say you hold other views but you keep your own PARAGRAPHS of thought on your own timeline. Apparently, I am wrong about this — or so I’ve been told.  I’m worn out.  And sad.

I’ll try to drop by and finish visiting all of you before the end of the month.


9 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Busy!

  1. What a lovely view to have out your window during May!

    Congratulations to all those young people, and to the people who raised them.

    Ah, facebook – should have just been named ‘timesuck’. I don’t think anybody’s mind was ever changed by arguing on facebook. People should state their opinion once, in a kind way, and then move on.

  2. I love irises as well. I have some which didn’t bloom this year. Wish they did but I haven’t been kind to them for a long time.
    What a great family picture. You must be so proud of them all.
    I love your earring carousel. Where on earth did you find that one?
    See you in July

  3. Screw the haters and their dumb guns. I ignore those idiots.
    Glad you have all the goodness in your world–the market, the flowers, the gorgeous family!
    I’m like you–I admire the LOOK of irises, but the smell is too much!

  4. Ooh! I love that combination of flowers out your window! What a lovely view. And I like all those iris, the root beer one as well! Also –I now covet that earring holder. That is just a very cool display, and I’m so glad you’ve had success selling both the jewelry and note cards 🙂

    Great photo –I imagine it’s challenging to get a family photo with everyone in it, including you!

  5. Your garden is AMAZING!!! I’m with Melissa. Your Facebook wall is yours. You make the rules in your space. You get to express your opinions and feelings, without invitation for people to argue. Tell them I said so, and I have a taser.

    Congratulations on Eagle Scouts, graduations, and OMG I love your earring business there!

  6. I LOVE iris!!!! My mother still has some that came from my grandmother’s yard. Before I moved away from Minnesota, I divided my iris, peonies, and other perennials and gave some to friends. Now I get to visit my flowers when I go to their houses. 🙂

    And yes, your Facebook is YOUR Facebook. Tell the paragraph ranter to butt out or block their sorry butt. The unfriend button can be very liberating. It takes a lot to cross that line with me, but once someone does, they’re outta there.

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