8 thoughts on “Too late?

  1. Not a t all too late to harvest, Karen. I’m still working on mine as well. It’s a long and very hot job this time of the year. Your lavender looks absolutely lovely! Still great for soaps, candles, sachets, potpourri and lavender wands…and don’t forget culinary purposes. We have been making lavender-infused ice creams since the beginning of May with fresh and dried lavender. mmmm, mmmm, good! We have also infused our honey we just harvested from the bee hive with lavender as well…needs 5 days to infuse and I can’t wait to taste it!

  2. Thank you, Karen. Now I know when lavender blooms! I would drive by a big field of it taking Ernest to school. In May, it wasn’t blooming yet. In September, it had been harvested already. I can see my timing was off.

  3. We had our house painted when our lavender started to flower. I started harvesting the stems late last week. I’ve harvested about one half the crop. I’m now pulling off as many beige blossoms that will fall easily and bundle them in about 100 stem bundles so I can take them to church to give away. As usual I find it therapeutic to sit in the shade and fiddle with the lavender while listening to the sounds of summer in our neighborhood.


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