Happy hour

Happy hour

Two weeks ago, I was sitting on a hotel patio in Tucson. The sun was out, the beer was cold, the chips were salty, and the guacamole was a true treat. I had painted my toenails a turquoise blue to match the water in the pool and the color scheme of my warm weather wardrobe. The weather was perfect: beautiful 82°F  sunshine with a light breeze weather…  sandals weather, skirt weather, sit outside for breakfast and happy hour weather.

Looking up during happy hour

Looking up during happy hour

I returned home to weather that was 40 degrees cooler and steadily dropping. We didn’t see temperatures above freezing for nearly a week.  My favorite gloves — the ones I use for driving and everyday wear in winter — were nowhere to be found.

But apparently the weather wasn’t quite cold enough yet for us because spending all day at a cross-country meet in freezing temperatures was on the agenda for the following weekend. The things we do for family!

SnakeMaster runs at the Nike Cross-Country Regionals

SnakeMaster runs at the Nike Cross-Country Regionals

DSCN1263 Tanner Anderson, 4x6We cheered on our boy who is new to the sport, was rather overdressed for the race and failed to bring his spikes (needed for every race but especially one with these conditions).  And then we cheered on his cousin who runs several minutes faster with his team from another school. And finally we cheered on a runner from our high school who happens to be one of the fastest XC student athletes in the nation:  go, Tanner!


Now we are at Thanksgiving week here in the United States. Next Sunday will be the first Sunday of Advent. Christmas decorations have been on display in some stores for nearly 2 months already.  My house is decorated for fall but it feels like winter outside: an inch of snow on Thursday morning and icy streets overnight most nights. The steering wheel of my minivan is frigid by the time I drive home from work. I still haven’t found my gloves, but there was a spare pair in our supply of winter gear that my husband kindly gave to me. I had those plus my mittens, hat and scarf with me in Idaho at the NXR. And then I somehow lost my keys when we were leaving the race site. We’re waiting on the new key fob but at least I can unlock the door and drive my minivan. As long as the locks don’t freeze, I’m okay.

pink clouds at sunset, resizedThis evening  — if evening can possibly begin at 4:00 pm — I admired the pink sunset clouds and changed into pajamas. I had been at church for more than 6 hours: setting up my craft booth, rehearsing with choir, staying for the worship service, and hanging out by my booth to answer questions during a Thanksgiving dinner… followed by packing up my booth and being semi-useful to those who were decorating the sanctuary for next week. (Okay, mostly I watched other people decorate as I rested my sore feet.)  I was out of craft fair shape; I hadn’t tried to sell my wares for an entire month.  I still need to finish putting my supplies away before packing up for a quilting day tomorrow at a friend’s house. I might have multiple crafting personalities. 


I hear the tapping of a computer keyboard in another room. EB is home for his Thanksgiving break. MusicMan and Rapunzel will be spending Thanksgiving with her parents, and H-J will hopefully have Thanksgiving with relatives who live near his university (his break is too short to drive the 11-hour round-trip twice within four days). I’ll soon be posting pictures and descriptions on my Etsy and facebook pages of the items I hope to sell on Small Business Saturday and into December.

What are some of the extremes and changes in your life at this time? 

10 thoughts on “Extremes

  1. Oh my goodness, the guac and beer look so good! I’m not happy about winter arriving so soon. It’s very hard to get used to needing all these clothes, and driving on icy roads again. I am amazed that they held that meet in such snowy conditions! That’s crazy.

    We’ve had rain all weekend, which melted the early five inches of snow. But we’re expecting another snow tomorrow, with blizzard conditions. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!

    • My SIL had 8 inches of snow at her place but there at the race site there were closer to 6 inches of snow. The teams were from all over the Pacific NW: Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. They couldn’t possibly cancel a Saturday meet that so many had planned on and traveled to just because Boise woke up to snow on Friday morning. They did, however, plow the course with a tractor. It helped.
      Apparently there was quite a bit of mud in places last year on this same course. Adventure!

  2. He doesn’t look overdressed to me but I realize athletes generate their own heat. We are still praying for rain. My college kid is going to his girlfriend’s family home in New York for the 3rd year in a row. They are nice people. He will be back for winter break on Dec. 13th. I am trying to get back into sewing, because it makes my mother in laws cat happy. What I do for cats! We will have a small but tasty thanksgiving dinner with elder son and father in law. Oh, we had guac and beer and enchiladas tonight.

  3. Multiple crafting personalities. I love that! Raining here now, supposed to be near 70 tomorrow, then back to cold again. Happy thanksgiving!

  4. It was not unusual for me to leave Tampa at 80 degrees and arrive in Minnesota in January to -20 for the nice 100 degree swing. Let me tell you, that seriously screws with your sinuses. I was feeling all sorry for myself for not playing in MN this season (I’m taking a leave of absence but there was much unnecessary drama) and then I got hired to play almost the entire month in Miami. Hmmmm…..Miami Beach vs. the cold shores of Lake Superior. Not a tough call. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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