Blog’s not dead… but barely alive

Five Friday thoughts:

  1. Any day I do not have to go somewhere in the early morning (e.g., work or a physical therapy appointment) I sleep until 9:30am.  This happens even if my husband tries to wake me up multiple times (and occasionally I sleep even longer). My body is always trying to make up for nights of insomnia.  Perimenopausal women understand.
  2. Gray, grey, grǽg, grau, gris — it doesn’t matter how you spell it, that is our weather: cold and overcast, with a “wintry mix” precipitation falling from the sky.  I walked our sweet boy Moses on a layer of semi-frozen slush this morning — and no, that is not redundant: it was freezing rain that had partially thawed and then been rained/rain-snow-mixed upon. (Yes, that was a grammatically awful sentence. You’re welcome.) It was slippery and crunchy at the same time under our feet.
    DSCN1287 chilly Moses, resizedEven the fire department thought it was a bit slippery out today:
    DSCN1283 fire truck tire chains
  3. I have plenty of beading supplies and some earring designs in my head (one inspired by the latest death-by-police, as depressing as that is!) but this dull weather makes me feel dull and uninspired to actually sit down and work. I was nearly finished with a special order lanyard until I saw it in good daylight (sunshine!) a few days ago, when I realized the colors were “off.” I learned the hard way to wait to crimp and finish until I’ve seen my work in various kinds of light. Now I need to restring the entire 34 inches of beaded design. *sigh*
  4. Even actual work (i.e., my job for which I am paid) was difficult yesterday. It was a 2 steps forward/one step back sort of day. It wasn’t the end of the world and I had almost no interruptions — I just took at least twice as long to accomplish tasks. Most days are not like that, and I am grateful.
  5. Today is my son’s 19th birthday. He’s 300 miles away, taking finals at his university, but he’ll be home next week for triple chocolate cake and 4 weeks of vacation. Hooray!
December baby

Humorous-Juniorous war in Deutschland geboren.

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