DSCN5292  birthday

Happy (late) 19th birthday to Humorous Juniorous, in person!

He managed to miss his bus home on Thursday by oversleeping (a $40 mistake) and then nearly missed his bus on Friday as well. Apparently one must prepare for a trip via Greyhound much like one must prepare for an airline trip: pack ahead of time and get there early.

The second bus trip was more scenic than the one he had first planned, stopping at more small towns along a ’round-about way toward home. At one point I received a text telling me that one town was prepared “for a festival and/or a tourist trap.” One of his honorary aunts is there today for the Christmas Lighting Festival, something I’ve long wanted to experience but have not yet done; however, I decided to not disown him for his opinion of my favorite Bavarian village here in our fair state.

Now that we have [belatedly] celebrated H-J’s birthday, he and his younger brother have assembled* the Christmas Tree and SuperDad strung the lights. I’m hoping that tomorrow afternoon Miss K (H-J’s girlfriend) will join us and the 3 teens will decorate the tree with ornaments.
I’ve got a busy week coming up with work meetings, band concert, choir rehearsal, and book group. My secret plan is to have ingredients and recipes strategically placed in hopes that teenagers will get the urge to bake Christmas goodies… if that doesn’t work, I’ll beg. 🙂

Honestly, I could use another month between Thanksgiving weekend and right now. I could also use another quilting retreat in that extra month. We could call it the month of Preparation. Does anyone have a time machine?