Who needs cookies when you’ve got these?

DSCN5368 When What to my Wondering eyes should appear...

Do you see what I see?



Looking out the living room window today…

Snow falling on Black Lab

Snow falling on Black Lab

DSCN5356 Jessica paints

Hand-painted toenails compliments of my DIL

8 thoughts on “Who needs cookies when you’ve got these?

  1. Wonderful! It looks like you had a white Christmas!

    I am trying very hard to figure out what the reindeer is made of. Are those ping pong balls?

    If people want to eat with the dog nearby, are they required to go outside to eat?

    The toenail art is exquisite.

    • Yes, ping pong balls! SuperDad thought-up and created and sewed this thing all week while playing some [stupid] computer game, then wore it around his neck, Mr. T. style, to a Christmas party. It’s basically a Christmas sweater that went overboard.
      The dog only went outside because the boy went outside — and that because I wanted a picture of the dog in the snow — although later were there two boys and a dog out there happily cavorting.
      The toenails happened Christmas morning but the snow didn’t happen until today (Saturday).

  2. Love the toenails! SnakeMaster grows with each photo. Love SuperDad’s creation.

    We had a merry Christmas without decorations. This year I set out all the beautiful cards received depicting the nativity, shepherds, and wise men — a wonderful reminder of what the holiday is all about. Elder son did put up the stockings under the fireplace mantle Christmas Eve so Santa could fill them with the usual special candy purchased only at Christmas time.


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