Close to my heart

Tonight I came home from work to a new catalog on the kitchen counter. The scarf on the cover made me think of Jen on the Edge with its ROY G BIV colorblock design, so I opened it up and perused the contents (the catalog, not the scarf).

I like to look through catalogs that have current styles, not because I’m following fashion trends in clothing but because it gives me new jewelry-making ideas. (Not that I have time right now to be designing jewelry, but that’s another blog post.)

So… where was I? Oh, yes — perusing through a new catalog…

After making note of a necklace design I might want to attempt on my own, I came across this heart pendant:

Ash Holder Pendant
Sterling silver 1 1/4″ twist-top pendant holds a small quantity of cremated ashes (or dried flowers, or a lock of hair). The front is engraved with “Always in my heart.” Arrives with a funnel spoon and message card printed with inspirational verses from Scripture.

I’m curious… would you wear a pendant with a loved-one’s ashes?

8 thoughts on “Close to my heart

  1. I wouldn’t. I think it would be a joy to spread the ashes of someone I loved some place in nature that they loved. While I’m not religious, I do believe that living things are much more than the physical, so I can’t see any reason to hang on the remains of the physical.

  2. No, I would not.

    On another note, I have a scarf that is almost identical to the one you showed. Seriously. Go look at my Facebook profile photo — I’m wearing it. Mine was a bit more expensive than the one you linked, but I knew I’d wear it all the time, so I splurged. And I do wear it ALL. THE. TIME. Easily two or three times a week for many months of the year.

  3. I would, in fact I have. My daughter, who thought it was freaky at first, absconded with one (yes, I had two) of my necklaces with my mom’s ashes, when she moved to California. She says it’s comforting. I wasn’t sold on the idea initially – but once you’ve made a pilgrimage with your sister to scatter your mother’s ashes which may or may not include breaking and entering, and trespassing – you kind of get used to the idea. …My ash scattering adventures constitute a blog post I’ve been trying to write, which is hilarious to me, but there are those who might find it off-putting…

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