4 thoughts on “Seasonal Shift

  1. I can’t blame that plant. Given our local temperatures this winter I would have waited until March also.

    I have been very grateful for your photos that show us a color in nature different than “dirty snow”. But we have hope, too – the snow is almost all melted and we can see the grass! Hallelujah!

  2. I will be very happy if my tulips bloom at some point and don’t either get munched up by the bunnies or rot in the wet ground. They’re all scraggly looking right now with no signs of actual flower buds yet. Of course a week ago today we had 4 inches of snow on the ground in Dallas!! Followed by a one-day rapid melt and a couple more inches of rain since then, the ground is like a giant squishy sponge. All the trees and plants here seem to be weather challenged this year. Been a cold and wet winter for us – but we DO need the rain desperately to get us out of a severe drought. I read the tulips are blooming about 3 weeks ahead of schedule in the Skagit Valley/Mt. Vernon tulip fields. There will be no blooming fields come April 1st when the Tulip Festival starts!

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