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DSCN5875  Tsillan Cellars

Last weekend, I was with friends on our annual girls’ getaway which occasionally looked like Tuscany.

This picture was taken by KCINNOTX. I'm using it because she said I could -- and because it is prettier than the one I took.

This lovely picture was taken by KCINNOTX. I’m using it because she said I could — and because it is prettier than any of the ones I took.

Before heading out to wine country, my BFF was our family chef who willingly cooked up a dish of Chicken Provençal, from Idiot’s Kitchen. My family members were the happy, satisfied guinea pigs. Claudia‘s new-to-me recipe was a winner!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…

From Europe to Central America in today’s virtual travel experience…

From Guatemala, with love

From Guatemala, with love

Other friends of mine are working to improve the lives of the indigenous people of Guatemala. While home for a visit, Debbie brought me a thumb drive of some pictures she wanted made into cards. These are 4 of the 6 different cards made (with a total of 55 cards in all) for the order on its way to Guatemala.

kNOw Better Coffee shop

kNOw Better Coffee shop

And a few weeks ago, while delivering event flyers to local businesses, I took a break and paused to enjoy a Mexican Mocha at a coffee shop.

How have you traveled lately?  We can’t always physically go somewhere else, but there are other senses — sight, taste, and even your imagination — that can do the traveling. 

Where would you like to go, if time, money, or circumstance wasn’t holding you back?