Wildfires and World Con

Looking up at the sun through smoky skies, August 2015

Looking up at the sun through smoky skies, August 2015

  • This week we are continuing to be all about wildfires and smoky skies because the Pacific Northwest continues to burn.
  • I need some good book recommendations — nothing graphic, no horror. I am particularly fond of historical fiction and memoirs but I do not limit myself to those genres. What suggestions do you have?
  • The lovebirds and a couple of the mother hen’s friends have been visiting for World Con. Our breakfast table is filled with 6 young adults getting their geek on in the best way possible.  I can’t say I understand their language but I do enjoy seeing them happy and communicating with one another.
  • However, that doesn’t explain why my 19yo and 22yo have been watching the one hour long YouTube video of nursery rhymes that has over 800,000 million hits in the past year.
  • This is a scheduled post because I’m hiding out overnight at the lake, where book group was expanded to include an option for a sleepover. I will be back in town for the afternoon farmers’ market; hopefully we won’t have to shut down early again due to dust storms, poor air quality (smoke and dust) and closed roads. I am blessed that my husband seems to understand my need for getaways, even though I’ll miss seeing the cosplay and hearing about the latest happenings at World Con.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods? 

5 thoughts on “Wildfires and World Con

  1. I see you are on Goodreads! I recently turned off all the notifications of my reading but I will start them again for you. Also I am working at a book store now so I have to work on my blurbs. Off the top of my head, I am going to recommend anything by Sarah Jio. Usually set in the Pacific Northwest, her books combine a bit of historical mystery with a modern day protagonist. They are always satisfying. How’s that?

  2. The smoke with its smell has reached us here in western Washington and is suppose to stay through tomorrow. Not fun for those with breathing problems. Do hope your smoky skies are not causing problems for you and yours (thinking of D-I-L and baby).


  3. Oh, that fire is becoming terrifying for you.
    I discovered Laura Lippman this summer, she is delightful, so is Kate Atkinson. Have you read anything by Geraldine Brooks? She does historical fiction really well, and My Notorious Life by Kate Manning was also wonderful reading.
    Such a problem to have–finding something to read!

  4. It’s been so distressing to read about the fires out your way. I hope things start to get better soon :-/

    I’m currently re-reading the Outlander series – historical fiction (with some romance!) set in 18th century Scotland 🙂

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