At least SOMEONE went to the beach this summer!

at beach in OR, Aug 2015

SnakeMaster is on a 10-day vacation at the beach with another family, the lucky boy!  (Pics seen here are courtesy of the accompanying mom.) When he returns, he will have one remaining week of summer before school begins and just enough time to complete those pesky summer assignments.

At beach in OR, Aug 2015 (2)

7 thoughts on “At least SOMEONE went to the beach this summer!

  1. At first I thought the top photo was about sledding. Then I figured that it’s the beach, and that huge promontory in the background is either a very large whale, or a Hawaiian volcano, or part of an alien spaceship. All I know is the beaches in New Jersey don’t have things like that.

  2. Can’t help remembering the cute little four year old whenever I see photos of Snake Master.
    Each time I see a new photo of him reminds me of good times ever so long ago.


  3. I miss the Pacific! But I will be visiting the Nova Scotia on the Atlantic side of Canada in a little over a week…even if I am dragging my laptop and work with me. At least it’s away from my cubicle!!

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