Working ahead and falling behind

  1. Last weekend I was on a quilting retreat. It was a lovely time with a great deal of sewing and very little sleep.  I managed to have two pajama days this week to recover and to attempt to stave off a threatening sore throat.  I can’t take the time to be sick! 
  2. Two = the number of flannel receiving blankets I made, start to finish (I washed the flannel beforehand).  Those are a gift for a friend’s granddaughter.  I’ve got quite a few more in the queue because they make great gifts, and I wanted to have some on-hand, already made, for those times when I am too busy to sew.
  3. The big project is not yet completed, but I did finish the quilt top and back for the grandson we are expecting within the next 4 or 5 weeks.  I still need to finish preparing material for binding and then assemble the parts all together. I may end up tying this quilt, the way I did back in the 20th Century when I made simpler baby quilts (the only sewing was the prepared satin binding). In this case, the quilt top pattern does not lend itself to machine quilting, so it looks like tying it all together with love is the way to go.
  4. Four is the number of months since the burglary happened at work. There has been a growing pile of papers on my desk since the night before that incident (we had a meeting and I left right afterward instead of staying to put things away) — but there hasn’t been time to properly deal with it all. At first, it was just the stack of papers and folders from the meeting, but piles of papers and paperwork beget more papers; they breed like bunnies. In 4 months, it has grown substantially into (I’m guessing here) an hour-long task. I know it is going to take some uninterrupted time that I don’t have in a normal work week, and the sight of it has been bothering me. So yesterday I moved those papers to the counter behind my desk, building upon two smaller piles papers already there. Pretty soon I’ll have an impressive tower.
  5. Five is the number of Christmas cacti in my house (all in one room), and all of them are budding.

What projects have you been working on? 
What is overwhelming you right now?

5 thoughts on “Working ahead and falling behind

  1. Projects: 1. paid work. 2. cleaning out the refrigerator (done!). 3. making pies for Thanksgiving (one pie done) 4. worrying about my kids (never done with that, it seems) and 5. reducing the stack of papers on my desk. Notice how I didn’t even call it ‘cleaning off my desk’ because I don’t think I’ll ever get it totally cleaned. So I completely sympathize with you about your stack of papers.

  2. It’s like that paperwork punishes you for being the victim of a crime. That bites.
    Oh, the idea of those Christmas cacti blooming. Those are so pretty! A treat for the eyes.

  3. I’m not committing to finishing anything except NaBloPoMo. Almost everything else does seem overwhelming.

    But wait, a pile of papers that would only take an hour? Piece of cake! Flash back to my old job: anybody who had a desk full of crap could call me over and I would triage it and clear the piles and we would all be happy.

  4. Wow I am once again playing the catch up game regarding my emails! There is a lot going on in your life! I am sure your paper pile has not diminished because of your broken ankle. Are you able to tie your quilt while you are not able to be anywhere but at home?

    You inquired what I have been busy with. Aside from still cleaning the aftermath of renovating I am re knitting a throw/Afghan. This time it is coming along all the same width ( no stitches are being dropped )

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