This week’s adventures

  1. I stayed home from church again on Sunday (week number 4, if anyone is counting — and I am) because I am still on bed rest for my ankle. The stranded turtle position is getting really old, ankle above heart, etc., etc.
  2. On Sunday evening, my oldest son called me to say there were admitted to the hospital. I knew it was too soon for us to leave, so I asked him to call back with an update in a few hours. Then we went to sleep. He called again at 2am, and SuperDad and I got up and loaded ourselves into the car, arriving at the hospital around 4am.
  3. Our grandson was born at 11:10am on Monday. I am so in love with this little person!  So far, he has many qualities in common with his daddy (being an easy baby is one of them) and I adore watching his parents fall head over heals in love with him and again with each other. It’s truly awesome.
    Fifteen hours after leaving home, SD and I returned and I promptly went back to my obedient position, with my left ankle propped up higher than my nose (and heart). I also promptly fell asleep, because after 3.5 weeks of pain and rest, I don’t have my usual stamina.

    DSCN7060  grandparents websized

    Little Foot and his smitten grandparents

  4. On Tuesday morning, my orthopaedic surgeon gave me a thorough chewing-out over my choices made on Monday. He was able to remove most of my stitches, but there was still some swelling on my ankle and a few inches of the incision had not yet closed. Despite his lecture (which was his job, and which did make me cry) I would make the same choices all over again. It was my heart’s desire to be there for the labor and birth of my first grandchild, and with the blessing of the baby’s parents, I was there at the hospital.  You only become a grandparent for the first time once.
  5. So I’m still here, still in stranded turtle position 2 weeks post-surgery. I’m thoroughly bored. My brain feels like it is atrophying thanks to the pain medication. I’ve tried to go longer between doses, and we have lengthened the schedule a little bit, but eventually I give in — because who wants to live in constant level 5+ pain? (The pain starts as something that feels like pressure against both sides of my ankle which I can live with, eventually squeezing all around. But then I get grouchy and tearful. It’s quite the fun cycle.)

BONUS:  I’ve updated the Cast of Characters, up there on the top bar below the header picture. A few names have changed to reflect current trends and occupations.

5 thoughts on “This week’s adventures

  1. I’m so happy you were able to be at the hospital for the baby’s birth. I can imagine the joy all around.

    I was hoping that your pain was decreasing a little by now — however after looking at the x-ray, you posted, can understand why the pain will linger for a while. Keeping you in my prayers.

    Sending HUGS!

  2. Regarding #4, is your surgeon absolutely heartless? Because I see no value in him chewing you out and making you cry about one of the greatest days of your life.

    • Jen, the cast technician told me, after the doctor left, that he’d had a non-compliant patient in the past who ended up with terrible infection. The fact that we were nearly 2 weeks post-op and the incision had not yet closed up is worrying, especially when I spent 15 hours out of the prescribed position. Doing so meant that my swelling increased, which kept the wound from closing, and having my leg down allowed drainage from the incision site. He had made this clear in advance and I deserved a lecture

  3. The only reason to stay up all night is for those arrivals in the wee hours. I pulled an all nighter for my first and wouldn’t change that. Drove in a bad, dark, rain for the twins. We are those grandparents. You will be a fabulous grandmother. Now, heal.

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