8 thoughts on “Reaching for the light

  1. From my sister’s experience, I can tell you to work very hard on that. Physical therapy was pretty painful for her in the beginning because she didn’t do that while she was healing. She was probably the least compliant patient that doctor had ever had!

    • Unfortunately, it hurts now but perhaps that will make actual PT easier. Doing anything is exhausting. Except for those 15 hours away for the birth of my grandchild, I have been a very obedient and compliant patient, because I want to heal and walk again! I also recognize that it is possible for me to be compliant because I have my very own live-in nurse (my husband). How your sister managed at all is beyond my comprehension!

  2. Yeah – I sort of missed the bit about physical therapy while I had my leg in a cast… I was weaker than a kitten when they removed it – but 3 months later I took part in an archeological dig behind the church!

      • Good thing you have DH… I wish I would have had someone at my side… But then knowing what a stubborn so-so I am, maybe that wouldn’t have helped a bit.

  3. Wow flexing the plantar feels good for me. I am sure that you can’t say the same. Or is that the opposite foot. I could not imagine that you would be doing that on the ankle that was operated on.

    • This is the ankle on which I had surgery. I’m allowed out of the boot for about 30 minutes at a time, a couple of times a day. I’m supposed to begin to get mobility by doing “alphabets” with my ankle. That’s not happening yet. Mostly I wiggle my toes, then my foot: forward and back. This is the foot that has caused the most trouble for me for the past 5 years, and it is trying to heal in the wrong position — plantarflexion* — instead of a neutral position, so I have to be able to bring it around to dorsiflexion in my efforts, just to correct it. This is not fun, but the work is important if I want to heal properly or even walk again.

      *I had the word wrong in my initial posting and have since corrected it.

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