Snow Day

Still Snowing, blue bottle tree and snowman

My blue bottle tree brightens my days.



6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. I love this colour of blue glass. It always makes me think of the old Noxema jars. In this case the snow could easily represent those contents. 🙂

  2. Dear Karen,

    I’m so happy to be able to receive your posts via e-mail. Little one is darling! It is the pits you suffered set backs after having the joy of having a few reprieves from your home and especially from your nest in the bedroom.

    Was delighted to receive your Christmas card and letter and was pleased you were up to sending them out.

    Bob spent about four weeks sleeping in his recliner with a cold and lingering cough the last part of November and first part of this month. He also mentioned having an aching shoulder, so I made a commitment not to stay up past 10 pm, overdo on lifting things, or stressing over not accomplishing the holiday things “I used to do” over the holidays this year in the hopes that I would remain healthy through this holiday season. Consequently, I spent less than an hour, on the 23rd, decorating our living room with the decorations from one small Rubbermaid container of “leftovers” which included two nativity figurine sets and a few miscellaneous ornaments that filled our potted manzanita branches (our tree this year). Cards received were placed here and there all over the room. My need to be creative was filled by baking and freezing, six loaves of Yule kaka bread and many batches of cookies from eleven different recipes for sons, nieces, nephew and friends here in the area. I’m definitely happy that I am the only sentimental one in the family who misses the family traditions of past years, although I would imagine comments would have been made if I had elected not to bake the Yule bread and cookies. 😊

    Keeping to my promise of getting to bed before 10:00 I’ll sign off.

    Sending New Year greetings to all —
    Keeping you in my prayers —
    Sending love and HUGS!

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