Not-so-personal computer

I haven’t had much time with my personal computer lately.

  1. I went back to work at the start of the month. I figured that if my daughter-in-law could do it after having a baby, then I could do it after having surgery — obviously with recovery time for each of us.  Although I technically only work two days a week, there are two additional days when I go to physical therapy. PT is hard work so the remainder of those days are reserved for R I C E: rest, ice, and elevation (I’m past the compression phase).
  2. Before I returned to work in the office, I was working some from home — usually with my foot elevated and my head propped up on a few pillows. Those were mornings when I could laze in bed with my second cup of coffee. The first cup was often waiting for me to wake up while my husband was reading headlines, checking the weather report up on the mountain and generally hogging my computer until I reminded him that it was time for breakfast. He’d leave to prepare the meal and I’d check in with e-mail.
  3. The Scout, our resident teenager, is taking his Spanish 1 course online, in addition to a full load of classes at the high school. There really wasn’t another option for him because he desired to continue with band — and I am 100% behind anyone taking music and other fine arts courses) — plus he is in special Bio-Medical courses only offered at our school, which he is taking in addition to his regular science courses.  For example, this year he is taking Bio-Solutions plus AP Biology, along with AP World History, preCalculus for maths [maths for my friends outside the USA, who use that fabulous word], Wind Ensemble, and an English/Language Arts class..
  4. At the start of the school year, The Scout was also taking an online PE course. Yes, online physical education classes are legitimate; in fact, they are much more challenging than a regular PE class because there is so much documentation and “paperwork” (computer work?) to be submitted. However, this occurred at the same time as the cross-country running season and even though he was taking the online course as a student athlete (didn’t have to use and report in with a heart rate monitor), it was all too much to do. When he fell behind in both Spanish and PE, he absolutely could not drop the Spanish while the PE could be made up next semester as a zero-hour course (before school) — so he dropped PE. We’re trying to figure out his schedule for next year now. His advisor met with us on Wednesday afternoon, but the plan she came up with will need administrative approval. I hope it goes through, because it is so much better than taking foreign language online.
  5. He’s been pretty tired at the end of the day because although the cross-country running season is officially over, the team encourages training all year long, with winter running club (before and/or after school) and participation in the track season as well. Some days he gets up extra early and does a zero-hour workout, either going to the local YMCA to swim or to the school. He’s almost always gone before I wake up. Can you tell he’s my fourth child? But he’s definitely not spoiled because he doesn’t have a computer smart enough (or with appropriate technology) to do his audio assignments, which is why he’s often borrowing mine to work on his Spanish.

So while I haven’t had much time with my personal computer lately, I can’t complain about the reasons.  I did want you to know that you are not forgotten. You should probably also know that I cannot seem to log in to my Feedly account. I don’t know what happened or how it happened. Does Feedly still even work? I don’t know.
Time to sign off — the teenager is home from school and ready to start his homework.


4 thoughts on “Not-so-personal computer

  1. Your posts are still appearing in my Feedly feed.

    My daughter took online PE classes and it was some of the most frustrating nonsense of her high school career.

  2. That sounds like one busy kid! (And I am well aware that behind every busy kid is an extremely busy parent – busy driving that kid everywhere.)

    My oldest took AP Bio, and I recall it being a huge amount of memorization.

    I’m so glad you are able to go back to work. Good luck with P.T. It’s never easy.

    • He’s had his driver’s license for a while now, which is a *very good *thing since I didn’t start driving again until a month ago! He and his dad co-purchased a truck to tow the scout trailer, and that is the rig that the teen drives to school. On Tuesdays he stays late for a workout, then heads straight to karate class, home for dinner at 8pm and maybe a bit of homework before crashing into bed. Just looking at his commitment level makes me tired. He’s trying very hard to keep up in his online Spanish course now.

  3. That is one BUSY and committed kid. Good luck to him in this term!
    I’m glad you’re back to work a bit, I am sure it feels good to be productive and have a little more structure that feels normal!

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