Nordic Night Skiing

DSCN2347  Destination, Mt. Spokane, WEBSIZED

SuperDad and The Scout took the small camera with them on Monday evening when they went up to the mountain to see the Snow Moon rise.

DSCN2349 Sunset glow, WEBSIZED

Sunset glow from the parking lot

DSCN2350 Afterglow, WEBSIZED

DSCN2359  Snow Moon, 22 Feb 2016, WEBSIZED

Snow Moon

DSCN2363 the Scout on skis, Nighttime Nordic skiing at Mt. Spokane, WEBSIZED

Cross-training workout for The Scout

Since I am not at all ready to hike or ski, all 5 of the above photos are courtesy of our two adventurers. I took a few pictures of the Snow Moon from our driveway but they are still on my camera and not as spectacular as the pictures found in that link.

5 thoughts on “Nordic Night Skiing

  1. Nordic night skiing sound way adventurous. We did night sledding in our yard a few years back, but that’s the closest to night skiing I’m ever going to do. Thanks for the photos and the info about the names of the moon. I had no idea there was all this terminology related to the moon.

    • The moon wasn’t high enough yet when they were on the mountain to have true moonlight skiing. Many years ago, the golf course closest to us would groom tracks for XC skiing. My husband & I once drove 300 miles across the state with an infant and a toddler just so we could play in 19 inches of snow and have free babysitting (his sister) for a date night of moonlight skiing. It truly is magical to ski under a full moon! It’s even better if you can do so far from city lights.

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