12 thoughts on “Blue Bottle Tree Love

  1. Perhaps its the memories of drinking all the wine that once filled those bottles? *snicker* You may need a second tree after I visit you!!

  2. I like your blue bottle tree parts, too! The color is so vibrant. Who “wouldn’t” feel a jolt of happiness upon seeing it. 🙂
    It makes me think of the Chihuly exhibit that was at my city’s Art Museum a while back.

    • The larger bottles contained sweet white wine (usually a Spaetlase or Auslase) but the smaller bottles were empty beer bottles found alongside the road (possibly Budweiser special edition). I found an empty one on a walk, brought it home, washed it out and saved it. I think that was around the time my husband gave in and made me the bottle tree for Christmas. Click the link for the story.

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