Blue Bottle Tree Love

DSCN7618 websized

DSCN7601  websized

DSCN7606  bottle tree WEBSIZED

DSCN7604  bottle tree love, WEBSIZED

DSCN7622 bottle tree WEBSIZED

I can’t explain why I like my blue bottle tree so very much, but I can tell you that it makes my heart happy to look at it.


12 thoughts on “Blue Bottle Tree Love

  1. Perhaps its the memories of drinking all the wine that once filled those bottles? *snicker* You may need a second tree after I visit you!!

  2. I like your blue bottle tree parts, too! The color is so vibrant. Who “wouldn’t” feel a jolt of happiness upon seeing it. 🙂
    It makes me think of the Chihuly exhibit that was at my city’s Art Museum a while back.

    • The larger bottles contained sweet white wine (usually a Spaetlase or Auslase) but the smaller bottles were empty beer bottles found alongside the road (possibly Budweiser special edition). I found an empty one on a walk, brought it home, washed it out and saved it. I think that was around the time my husband gave in and made me the bottle tree for Christmas. Click the link for the story.

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