Four months ago today…

…I stepped badly, slipped, and broke my ankle to smithereens.

It has not been an easy journey. Some nights I still have trouble sleeping from pain or discomfort, but these days there is less PAIN and it is more appropriately categorized as “discomfort.” I still hurt but semantics count when I’m searching for signs of progress.

More and more, I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel — and I no longer am convinced it is the light of an oncoming train.

DSCN7602  reflecting, WEBSIZED



4 thoughts on “Four months ago today…

  1. Judging from the X-Rays of your ankle it must have been like putting together a giant jigsaw puzzle. Everything consdered, you’ve made a fantastic recovery!

  2. You do seem to have made a great recovery. I’m reminded of how different people responded to hip replacements when I watched some videos prior to my surgeries. The people who needed replacements due to arthritis were relieved at much less pain after the surgery. The poor people who ended up with replacements because of some accident were annoyed at the new pain they felt in their hips. You, unfortunately, are in that second category –it really sucks to take a part of your body that was working perfectly well and have to replace it with something that will never be as good. I do hope that all discomfort will continue to decrease over time!

    • This weekend I finally understood the connection between cold, rainy weather and hardware within my ankle. That particular discomfort (the kind of pain that registers as a “dull” ache) won’t be going away, and your explanation is why I need to adjust my attitude about it all.

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