Family Five

  1. Pokemon GO has invaded my world — or rather, my husband’s world. He took a walk before turning in for the night to drop off one of his Pokemon at the nearest “gym.” He’s having such a fun time. I’m trying to listen and smile.
  2. Back on July 3rd, The Scout fell out of a tree. He’d been climbing and a branch broke, plummeting him 23 feet to the ground below. He landed on his back.  It hurt — a lot. He managed to walk home (collapsing from pain at least once) that evening and miraculously exhibited no damage on the CT scan.
  3. The obvious signs of a concussion began showing up 24-36 hours later, despite not actually hitting his head.  He spent the remainder of that week lying in a dark room and doing a lot of sleeping. The urgent care/ER doctor told him “activities as tolerated” so he began trying to do a few things. One step forward, half-step back…
  4. It’s been  12 days since he fell and he’s still dealing with headaches, backache (obviously) and inability to do most activities. He has an appointment with a doctor this morning. I’m a bit worried about the upcoming week (end of the month) at Boy Scout camp with its faster-paced activity level and noise level.
  5. After 5 Fridays in a row at the farmers’ market, I’m taking a “family day” break.


What’s happening these days in your household?

6 thoughts on “Family Five

  1. How’s your patient?
    My sons are all about the Pokemon–it’s pretty clean fun and fun to watch people play if you ask me. Apparently there were like 50 in our woods this week…which sort of creeps me out, even though I know they’re imaginary.

    • Impressive number of Pokemon in your woods! Do your kids use anything to attract them? My 8yo grand-niece caught one on great-grandpa’s foot last night in the living room — she could see it because they were using a Pokemon “incense,” but my dh couldn’t see it on his phone because he wasn’t using that special feature. It’s all rather fascinating.

      The patient is living with minor headaches and aching back. (I can’t tell if he’s not hurting that much or if he’s just being stoic.) The doctor checked him out yesterday and said to come back in a week.

  2. None of us is catching any pokemons, but I say if a video game can get people walking, that’s a good thing 🙂

    I’m so sorry your boy is still suffering from that fall. I hope he continues to improve!

  3. Frank got Pokemon Go but isn’t too excited about it. My phone is too old to try it (I have heard if I update my operating system it will brick the phone). Handy doesn’t care. And Ernest is too far away.

    I hope your Scout is improving.

  4. Glad to hear your son is doing a bit better (read the comments). I’m playing Pokémon GO too and had fun with Ralphy this weekend helping me capture more balls!

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