From August to September in only one week


  1. Monday was a summer day in August. My teenager was still on summer break, the day was hot, the sun was bright.
  2. On Wednesday morning, I went to the dermatologist to ask about a spot (sort of a suspicious mole but not exactly).  The doctor agreed it was worth checking out and numbed me up for a biopsy. I walked out with a dime-sized wound on my cheek well-covered by an appropriately sized bandage.  [Awareness alert and example of white privilege: the bandage color is close to my skin tone so it blends in very well when I’m not using a flash.]    I walked back in 90 minutes later to have the wound re-cauterized and bandaged again. It is best to not walk around with blood streaming down your cheek.

    Hopefully this is all just for peace of mind (worth it!)

    Hopefully this is simply the price paid for piece of mind.

  3.  I placed two bead orders this week — one to each of my favorite online bead stores that just so happen to be my favorite bead stores to visit as well. I received one package in the mail today and plan to pick up the other at the store tomorrow. [Side note: $80 worth of beads may fit in one hand.]  I sold quite a few pairs of earrings at the farmers’ market today and need to replenish my stock, so the timing of all sales — stores with price reductions, stores to me, me to customers — worked out nicely. Now to actually sit down and create! I’ve had a bit of a dry spell but am feeling inspired tonight with new vision for my new beads and some positive feelings. Having a customer return to my booth today made me happy for both of us. She had purchased one pair of earrings last week after I told her why I make them. (The very short story is that I can’t wear most store-bought earrings. My skin is really sensitive to metals, but the earrings I make I am able to wear on a daily basis without any trouble.)  She had the same experience I’ve had, being able to wear earrings again. She returned today to purchase 4 more pairs of earrings. I’m grateful for the sales, but most of all I was happy to make her happy.
  4.  On Thursday, September 1st, the clouds gathered, the wind blew, and the air cooled. It felt as though Mother Nature looked at her calendar and got busy. It rained a little overnight, and then today a storm snuck into town. The wind nearly blew several canopies away while setting up at the farmers’ market this afternoon, but the rain held off until we were taking them down again after 7pm. By the time we drove home, there were flashes of lighting. I feel a little cheated, like a kid whose summer is interrupted by fall. Nothing against fall — I love many things about fall — but I don’t feel like I had enough summer. Not camping might have something to do with that feeling.
  5. Five is the number of Fridays this month — and that’s a good thing, right?
    (Confession: I edited and changed that last bit. I had previously written “– and that’s a good thing, eh?”)  Five Fridays = five market days until the end of my vending season. I’ll miss the people and interactions, but it will be nice to have my Fridays free again.

Bonus pictures:
The Scout goes to grade 11, 8-30-16
first day of school = sad dog
Moses sad under table after his boy went to school

Have you transitioned into fall yet?

6 thoughts on “From August to September in only one week

  1. I think it has been one of the 3 hottest summers here in Northern Virginia with over 50 days of over 90 degrees in temperature–GEESH! Anyway, I’m thinking it has been just about the same for you in Washington State. Yet, I can’t believe summer is over already. Where does the time go?

  2. Can’t help thinking that you don’t have many “first day to school” photos to go. Do hope your ankle is ok after your walk back to the doctor’s office. Needless to say, I’m keeping you in my prayers. HUGS!!!!!!!

  3. We’ve transitioned. I enjoyed reading about the satisfaction you get helping people embellish themselves. I bet it was a good feeling to have that customer return! And glad to know your creative juices are running once again. I always get sad at the end of summer.
    Fingers crossed that your skin test passes as Nothing To Be Alarmed About.

  4. I love fall, but it still feels like summer to me. Maybe after Labor Day it will feel like fall, because that’s when the library goes back to it’s usual hours.

    It’s good the dermatologist has taken the precaution to biopsy that spot. I was glad mine did.

    How good that you are being creative with beads!

  5. It is currently 90 degrees here, with a heat index of 102. I am SO ready for summer to be over. I’m keeping my eyes on the temps in two cities that seem like good retirement options (Missoula, MT, and Corvallis, OR) and both have much nicer temps today!

    But we started back to school two weeks ago; school always starts here in the middle of summer, or so it feels.

    That’s wonderful about your earrings and customer!

  6. Well, I survived the Labor Day Weekend retail environment. Sunday the sales were smokin’ hot! Bad metaphor I know, with all the fires in my area, but still! September is always hot here, so it doesn’t feel like fall until October.

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