Sads and Glads

I’ve got a “glad” and a “sad” to share tonight.

First the sad: I finally had an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor to talk about my continued swelling and pain, and even some new (in past 2 months) pain from my hardware-infused ankle which I broke on 11/13/15 and had repaired on 11/25/15. I thought perhaps some screws had worked themselves out a little bit and getting them removed would help, but NO. Everything looks exactly the same as it did post surgery and the pain is “just” (supposedly) traumatized tissue and irritated nerves. In other words, it’s my new life. Terrific. [insert tearful sarcasm] The doc, who was nearly young enough to be my son, suggested compression stockings — which I will purchase and wear when the weather cools down enough to stop wearing sandals — but he couldn’t suggest any pain relief. I had tears in my eyes when I stopped to chat with his assistant (who remembered me from my long ordeal and many visits over the winter) and she offered sympathy which was nice. Honestly, I wanted to have a good cry and a couple of strong beverages but I had a meeting to prepare for this evening.

Hopefully this is all just for peace of mind (worth it!)

A dime-sized piece removed is small payment for peace of mind.

And for the glad: I hadn’t heard back from the dermatology office about my biopsy results, so I stopped in on my way back to work. The good news is that while the strange spot on my cheek was 2 different things (both common but not usually one on top of the other in the same space) it isn’t cancer. That cheered me up just enough to get through the evening meeting spent with my foot resting on a chair and ankle encased in a cold gel pack. I’ve since come home and had a glass of wine. Now it’s off to bed with a melatonin pill and a wish for decent sleep before going back to work in 10 hours.

Your turn… do you have any sads and glads to share?

8 thoughts on “Sads and Glads

  1. I have a glad. Last week I picked up a couple of peony roots from a friend. Got some bonus grape hyacinth as well. Yesterday I finally had the chance to plant the second peony, most of the hyacinth and some fancy tulips before it began to rain. It was a bit of work and now I will have to wait until spring to see the results.

  2. Karen, I am very glad for your glad! As for your sad … BLARGH! I feel like you have filled your shit quota on this ankle. C’mon! But … perhaps this is a temporary normal and a lesson in patience? Or maybe it’s just a sign that you need to hit the liquor store. Either way, hugs to you!

  3. Don’t give up hope that it will get better. After a year and a half, my broken hip with 4 3″ long screws is almost back to normal, activity wise. I do, occasionally, feel some discomfort in the area, but I am oh, so much better, than I was even 6 months ago. Hang in there!

  4. That is some distressing news on the foot front. But glad your biopsy came back cancer-free.
    Sad-a lot of sickness going around our school and now it’s my turn to get it. Glad-I get to stay home tonight and tomorrow night!

  5. Glad to hear about the biopsy results, Karen. Please don’t feel like all hope is lost regarding your ankle. There are always other approaches to explore and a good chance that time will make improvements for you. Some wounds take far longer than one year to heal.. especially those that must support our body weight. I suspect that one more year from now will see you in a more comfortable space.

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