Glass in the Garden

My dad chose to retire far from family and is now in an Assisted Living home. I’m visiting him in Arizona this weekend, something I do twice a year. One of the things we do together is look at photos on my laptop computer. He gets to travel vicariously through my pictures and today you do, too.

The Seattle Space Needle reflected in a gazing ball outdoors in the Chihuly Glass Garden.

Back in August, SuperDad and I met up with son#3 in Seattle for a day of playing tourist. Visiting Chihuly Garden and Glass had been on my wishlist for a long time and I love the pictures I was able to take there.


reflections from Dale Chihuly’s basket phase

These beautiful glass sculptures are the artwork of Dale Chihuly. As such, I cannot use the photographs I have taken and sell them on cards at the farmers’ market.


This glass sculpture rests on a reflective surface and brings to mind a fountain from the sea.


Close-up of the “sea fountain” sculpture

I’ve got over 250 photographs from my time at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Not all of them are great, but I’ll attempt to do a better job of sharing the best of them with you. If I can’t sell them, at least I can share the beauty, right?

How do you decide what to share and what to keep to yourself? Are there any rules you wish you could break? 


2 thoughts on “Glass in the Garden

  1. I love your photos! All the Chihuly glass is beautiful. That sea sculpture is just amazing.

    In answer to your question – I am amazed that I continue to write online as I see myself as a fairly private person. I think I tend to share the silly things, and shy away from sharing most of the sad things, although I do share some of those things too.

  2. I don’t share the mean things or the sad things that happen or that I think. I tend to be only positive or trivial. I wish I could break the self-censorship and be braver. But then sh*t hits the fan. Like this past week. Bad bad things happened to me because of a post I put up. People take things very strange and I guess I would prefer to post intimately and privately to just a few like-minded souls anymore.
    That glass is so fantastic. It does bring to mind the sea, all the movement.

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