MTM: The streak is over

How do you describe
the sound a raindrop makes
as it filters through the leaves
from the sky to thirsty ground
after 80 days without moisture?

The musical notes
of a babbling brook in the gutter
The percussion
on the roof (almost steady)
like the snare drums
of a 6th grade band

And the hollow emptiness
when those sounds slow to stillness
in the pre-dawn quiet
until all you hear
is the clock (tick, tock) calling
Autumn, Autumn


2 thoughts on “MTM: The streak is over

  1. Ah rain at last! What a beautiful sound. I am near Vancouver where I hear the sound of water as cars drive by on the asphalt. Yes a very lovely sound indeed

  2. At last clearer air and settled dust and ash! On this side of the mountains you can watch the grass grow. I have mixed feelings as growing grass needs frequent mowing and the return of weeds.

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