Women’s March 2.0

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My friend ~A~ and I marched this afternoon.  Our city had its march on Sunday, on the one-year anniversary of the 2017 Women’s March. There were people of all ages, families spanning generations, males and females.  There were strollers and walkers and wheelchairs.

Since we were lucky enough to be near the front of the parade of marchers, we were able to station ourselves near the end and take photos after we were finished marching.  I was lucky enough to have such a good friend who made my sign for me; I gave her the words and she took care of the artistic part.

I didn’t march last year; I’d scheduled that day to visit our grandson. This year, we’d just seen them 2 weeks ago and it was past time for me to put my body and voice where I might be seen and heard because silence is not golden.  Love trumps hate, and I choose to persistantly stand on the side of love.

My feet hurt tonight but it was worth it.

5 thoughts on “Women’s March 2.0

  1. Olympia had a good crowd for its march despite the very rainy and windy weather. As you observed, when you are near the front of the line you can take photos of those behind you that are slowed by their walkers, wheelchairs, babies in strollers, physical handicaps. I seldom have a reason to go downtown Olympia anymore, however a birthday luncheon date at Anthony’s allowed me to observe our new center for helping the homeless early in the day, and the middle mass of marchers that afternoon. As you pointed out, when you have a passion for decency and values that don’t seem to be shared, silence is not golden, and the marches are a visible sign that you are not alone in your beliefs.




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