Birds and Burns

There’s a mama and baby turkey hanging out in our neighborhood these days, and by neighborhood I mean they mostly seem to be hanging out in our yard — front, back, peering in the windows, basically whatever they feel like doing.

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The first time I looked out the window at the mama turkey looking in at me was a bit startling but we’re getting used to seeing them daily now that it’s been about a month. Junior has grown quite a bit since I took these photos. My DIL who loves birds and majored in animal science tells me that turkeys normally have about 5 eggs to hatch, so we don’t know what happened to Junior’s siblings.

As I’ve written before — several times — we have a small wilderness park behind our home. Every year around the 4th of July I get a little tense, worrying about wildfires due to fools and fireworks. Well, this year it happened, more than a week after the holiday, and we’re lucky the fire department arrived quickly. (Personally, we’re lucky it happened on the other end of the street and the wind wasn’t blowing our direction so we didn’t even have to breathe the smoke.) The fire came close to several houses but only one is having to replace siding that melted in the heat of burning trees.

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It could have been so much worse.

DSCN5568 Resilient Nature WEBSIZED

And nature is resilient.

DSCN5599 circle of life, burn, WEBSIZED

May all of those who are so terribly affected by the [much, MUCH WORSE] wildfires in other places be shown grace, hope, mercy, and respite from the anxious worries that now consume their thoughts and lives.





8 thoughts on “Birds and Burns

  1. The turkeys are so cute. The turkeys we have here are different kind. I love watching them.
    So happy that the fire did not cause more damage in your neighbourhood.

  2. Our neighbor raised three turkeys for a year or so. I really expected them to be Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, but they were given a reprieve each holiday. I can’t remember when they vanished from the yard this spring, but they are no more. The three were terrific at guarding the area as they let everyone know when one of us, or the neighbors, were wandering any of the three backyards.

    Thank goodness your fire was contained fairly soon after it started. A friend’s daughter, husband and two baby girls had to evacuate from their home in Redding\ and again from Anderson, CA, to Chico. I haven’t heard from my friend if her family if they are able to go back to their home or if their home is still standing. The family is safe which is a blessing..

  3. Be safe out there. It is a beautiful area that I hope to visit one day. Oh! New baby and grandson…adorable!!

  4. Glad you are safe. Yes, nature is amazingly resilient and thank goodness for that! But it would be wrenching to see it destroyed when you enjoy it so much.

  5. I don’t know why I missed this post, and why it took me several days after I knew about it to make my way here. I’m glad you are okay, but I fear that the aftermath of such a fire will last for a long time.

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