The Sun Sets


SuperDad and I went camping at Glacier National Park in August. On day 2, we managed to head west on the Going-to-the-Sun road at the perfect time.

DSCN6401 websized

Today is my last day of work.  I will miss many things about the job but it is time to make more room in my life for family and other activities.  Two weeks from now my dh and I will be traveling to Arizona to visit my dad and his wife — both of whom have been hospitalized in the past month.  As full as our house is right now with 3 adult children living with us, their presence allows us to go on this trip without worries about things back at home.  SuperDad and I will [tent] camp a few nights on the way down to Tucson. If the perfect trailer presents itself while there, we may be camping all the way back home.

As September ends I’m letting go of a part of my life (I enjoyed the work, and paychecks are very satisfying!) and saying YES to more sunsets, more camping, more time with family.


4 thoughts on “The Sun Sets

  1. You and I seem to be walking in step here… After a really bad cold which neccessitated a trip to the Lung Clinic and then a further trip to receive two units of blood (gastric ulcer that has been on a slow-drip) – I am now convinced that I really do need toslow down. I will make it on my pension and a housing allowance available to people who doesn’t reacha certain income as pensioner. No trips to Fidji will be allowed – but I will have a comfortable life!

  2. Your photos are beautiful. I wish you all the best as you shift your life from one daily pattern to a different one.

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