I’m on the road again, heading for Tucson and tapping this out on my phone’s tiny screen. Although this trip was planned several months ago, I won’t be seeing my dad, By the time we reach our destination Dad will have been gone for a week. He passed away rather unexpectedly last Thursday night. Thankfully both of my older siblings were visiting at the same time and were with him when he died.

It’s been a busy week of phone calls and messages between siblings and there’s more work to do. I can’t figure out how to upload a picture to the post via this phone so that will have to wait.

2 thoughts on “Stunned

  1. Oh Karen, I’m sorry to hear of your dad’s death. I do hope your journey to Tucson goes smoothly and all the issues that crop up after a death are handled seamlessly. Sending hugs!

  2. Been thinking of you this week. I am sorry and I hope all the arrangements of the funeral and your trip go smoothly so you don’t have any extra stress.

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